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Designed to help NP Students Build Clinical Confidence

Give your students the competitive edge they need to transition into their new role.

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Unlock the full potential of your NP Program

Boost Clinical Confidence. Help Students Transition into their Role. Bridge RN-NP Gap.

Our program includes:

  • Real-World Clinical Scenarios to enhance practical understanding and application.
  • Engaging Content. Evidence-Based Curriculum
  • Expert Clinical Instructions from practicing clinical experts,
  • Downloadable Charting Templates to improve clinical documentation.
  • Regularly Updated Content reflecting the latest in NP practice.
  • Faculty Login for Student Progress Monitoring
  • Virtual Gradebook
  • Seamless Integration with your current curriculum
  • On-Demand Student Access: 24/7 course access,
  • CE Credits for each course completed: Accredited by AANP
  • Lifetime Free Course Access for Faculty


What We Do

Our mission is to support the professional development and success of nurse practitioner students by boosting clinical confidence.

Our innovative approach focuses on practical application and real-world decision-making skills, ensuring your students graduate as confident NPs.

Our proprietary clinical bootcamp formula enhances clinical decision making skills, levels the playing field for all NP students and addresses the RN-NP gap.

Partner with EG Prep and unlock the full potential of your NP program.


Real World Approach

Our focus on Chief Complaints ensures you are prepared for what you will face in the clinical setting

Proprietary Decision-Making Tool

Our clinical decision tool guides you to make informed, effective patient assessments and look out for red flags. ๐Ÿšฉ

Documentation Made Easy

We donโ€™t just teach documentation; we equip you with the tools. Our experts created ready-made PDF templates to enhance your charting.


Meet the Team



We get it.

We see patients every day. In our primary care practice, EG Healthcare, our NPs take care of over 20,000 patients. So we know EXACTLY what it feels like to be in your shoes, and we designed this program directly from our experience in the real world.

Efrat LaMandre PhD, FNP-C

Efrat LaMandre, owns and operates EG Healthcare, which provides pediatric, adult, and geriatric care to over 20,000 patients. Dr. E also serves as the chair of the Staten Island Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees.

In addition, she founded a Medical Scribe company, HawkScribes and serves as Clinical Faculty at Wagner College.

Gina LaMandre PA-C

Gina LaMandre PA-C is a specialist professor at West Coast University Physician Assistant Program. Previously she served as the coordinator of Didactic Education at Monmouth University. Prior to her position at Monmouth University, she was the director of clinical education for one of the largest PA programs in the country, at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Clinically she worked at Robert Wood Johnson Emergency Department for ten years and in a Community Health Clinic for the Underserved Population for 6 years. In addition to her work in PA programs, she is a frequent lecturer in many Nurse Practitioner conferences and institutions.

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