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Hey, Nurse Practitioners!

Want to build confidence?

Our NP Primary Care Bootcamp will prepare you for real-world patient scenarios

Been out of the game? Feeling rusty? Just graduated? Afraid of missing something?

Our revolutionary Primary Care Bootcamp will prepare you for real-world patient scenarios

  • Apply knowledge learned in school to diagnose and treat with confidence.
  • Learn the red flags to watch out for.
  • We give you the documentation template you need to keep your charting on point.

Our Primary Care Bootcamp lectures include the following (Click to View All Primary Care Bootcamp Lectures):

  1. Approach to the patient with a Headache
  2. Approach to the patient with GI pain
  3. Approach to the patient with Back pain
  4. Approach to the patient with Neck pain


New grads who are just heading out in the field, or experienced NPs who just need a little refresher

Get the tools you need to know how to accurately diagnose, treat and watch out for red flags

We Don’t Just Teach

We Practice What We Preach

We get it. We see patients every day. In our primary care practice, EG Healthcare, our NPs take care of over 20,000 patients. So we know EXACTLY what it feels like to be in your shoes, and we designed this program directly from our experience in the real world.


Efrat LaMandre
Primary Care Provider • FNP-C

Efrat LaMandre owns and operates her Medical practice, EG Healthcare, which provides pediatric, adult, and geriatric care to over 20,000 patients. Dr. E is co-chair of the Staten Island Hospital Board of Trustees. She serves as the President of the Nurse Practitioner Association State Board.

Gina LaMandre

Gina LaMandre PA-C is a professor and coordinator of Didactic Education at Monmouth University for the physician assistant program. In addition to teaching Physician Assistant, she is also a frequent guest lecturer for the nurse practitioner program at Wagner College. Prior to her position at Monmouth University, she was the director of clinical education for one of the largest PA programs in the country,  at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Clinically she worked at Robert Wood Johnson Emergency Department for ten years and in a Community Health Clinic for the Underserved Population for 6  years.

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"The early bird gets the worm" 🦜🪱Have you heard this saying? It's not always true! Getting a good nights sleep is super important to your health, without it you not only can feel cranky and irritable 🥱 but you're also leaving your body more susceptible to disease 😱

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Check out Dr.E’s Collab on the  Wings of Inspired Business podcast with Melinda Wittstock🎙 

Dr. E and Melinda discuss how The Knew Method helps patients take control of their health destiny by using a functional medicine approach. They dive deeper into how Dr. E has taken conventional medicine to the next level by not only creating The Knew Method but also empowering her patients all around the world. 

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Thank you for your kind words 😁
We’re happy our staff made your visit comfortable ❤️
Our goal is to make sure our patients and their families get the care they need and feel comfortable while receiving it. 

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