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Institutional Proposal

At EG Prep, we believe that true competence is achieved through practical application. We bridge the gap between theory and practice by immersing students in clinical scenarios that mirror real-life situations. Our focus is on helping students develop the critical thinking skills and confidence necessary to excel as nurse practitioners.

EG Prep, stands apart from other companies by focusing on practical application rather than didactic instruction. While many companies offer didactic classes or certification exam preparation, we offer a unique formula for applying knowledge into real-world clinical scenarios. We understand that simply possessing knowledge is not enough; the key is being able to confidently apply that knowledge in practice.

Our program goes beyond theoretical learning and delves into the practical aspects of being a nurse practitioner. Our unique formula equips NP students with the skills and strategies to tackle the most commonly seen chief complaints. Our innovative teaching methods guide students in navigating real-world challenges and make sound clinical decisions.


Live and live-streamed workshops: Our interactive workshops provide engage students in real-world scenarios to enhance their clinical decision-making abilities.

Asynchronous lectures:

By providing in-depth educational content that can be accessed at any time, deepening understanding of key concepts and clinical practices.

Our Method

Our approach shifts the educational focus from didactic to practical application, prioritizing chief complaints over disease processes, ensuring students are prepared for the challenges they will encounter in real-world practice. Our unique formula guides the clinical decision-making process required to manage conditions.

Additionally, we provide guidance on effective documentation, ensuring that each chart showcases the clinical reasoning at the time of the encounter.

We can also provide instructions on practical skills needed in primary care such as EKG interpretation, suturing (on site), and basic imaging/lab ordering and interpretations.

Read More About Our Method.

Social Impact

We are deeply committed to addressing the NP-RN gap and the social inequities that exacerbate it. We recognize that social inequities and limited access to quality rotation sites disproportionately impact NP students from underserved communities, perpetuating disparities in healthcare education.

Empower Your Nursing Students with EG Prep

Enhance your curriculum with our cutting-edge program that goes beyond didactic teaching. Give your students the competitive edge they need to excel. Bridge the RN-NP gap, address social inequities and elevate your program’s reputation with our industry-leading program.

Partner with EG Prep and unlock the full potential of your NP program.

Thank you for considering our service. We would be happy to discuss this further and address any questions that you may have.


As a testament to the practicality and real-world focus of our program, some universities have recognized the value of our classes by allowing the hours spent with EG Prep to count towards practical clinical hours.

All of our classes are accredited by AANP and participants receive CEs